Penny Lane Pottery

functional art you can use everyday

Do you love drinking your morning coffee in a handmade pottery mug? It feels so good in your hands; warm, comforting and smooth. You might need a new piece of handmade pottery.

I have been making pottery for the past 20 years in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I’ve always loved buying pottery pieces, mostly mugs, wherever I travel in Canada. I enjoy learning about the potter and how they started their business.

Pottery is a great passion for me. I love working in my studio making pots. I love teaching students who’ve always wanted to take a pottery class. And I really love meeting my customers when they get to hand pick their new favourite mug.
— Vicki Gauthier

Functional Pots

Every piece of pottery I make is a unique piece of art that is meant to be used everyday. All dishes and pots can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Washing by hand works too, just don’t knock your pottery against anything or it could crack.

Colours and Style

The glaze colours I use make me happy because they are fun and bright. Turquoise, bright blue, denim blue, shiny grey, waterfall brown and a new burnt orange.

My style is simple, functional and lightly decorated. I add a stamp to the bottom of each mug handle and also to the bottom of each mug. What stamp did you get?

100% Handmade

Each mug, plate, serving bowl and wine cup is made by me in my pottery studio. I throw the pots on the wheel and trim them when they have partially dried. They get fired once in a kiln. Then I apply glaze, usually by dipping the pot in a big bucket of glaze. Then I load the kiln again and fire it to 1222 degrees C.